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06-09-2018, 09:34 PM
I'm headed home from work on Friday afternoon. Took off an hour early because vacation starts officially on Monday but as far as I'm concerned it started when the door closed behind me just now and I step into the sunshine of the enormous parking lot of the jet base.

I'm eager to get home. The camper is cleaned up, stocked and ready. Food, clothes, cameras, ice chests... everything is ready and we don't even leave until Sunday about 8 a.m. Saturday will be a rest day. A last minute trip to the grocery store for some perishable things and not much else. A good nights sleep and away we go.

This is going to be a good trip. I'm even looking forward to the 4 hour drive.

Then I get a call from my daughter. "Not to scare you or anything but I'm over at the emergency room with Mom. She's gonna be OK but..."

My daughter works at the hospital so I have easy access to the back side of ER operations. We are waiting for x-rays of Sweet Wife's hands. She has fallen in her garden, one finger on the right hand popped out of joint but has righted itself, and is now on ice. There is some swelling.

There is some swelling and bruising on the left hand, too. Probably going to ice that, too, and we'll be out of here. Rest up Saturday and Sunday we'll be out of here.

Until the resident comes in with the x-rays. The metacarpal bone for the left hand "pinky" finger is snapped in half, the fracture extending from one end to the other, running diagonally down the middle.

The resident says he's going to put a splint on that, when the swelling has subsided the orthopedist will put a real cast on it in a few days. That is, in the middle of our trip. I haven't mentioned Sweet Wife is a musician, highly accomplished on violin and flute. This is rapidly getting to be a very big and very gone sideways deal.


So for the rest of Friday and a good bit of Saturday morning we are adjusting to the idea of me as nurse and her having one useless hand and one that's sort of marginal. She can't open her pill bottle. (Good pills, though) After some discussion, we agree a trip is doable... but not likely to be any fun. No bike rides, no swimming, no guitar and I'm doing all the work plus nurse duty.

So I call the park and cancel our 5 nights. Unloading the trailer can wait until Monday.

And that's about the shortest trip we've ever not been on.

06-15-2018, 10:10 AM
Best wishes and prayers for her successful healing.

06-18-2018, 06:43 PM
Thank you and welcome aboard!


06-18-2018, 06:50 PM
So between nursing duties, cooking meals, house work and looking after the chickens, I did manage to finish the deck project.

I was really glad to get back to work this morning.