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Paul Stewart
01-08-2019, 07:10 PM
I am an old R.V.r and an even older person, but am new to HAM radio. Last October I took and passed the Technician and General class exams then in December the Extra Class. This is the completion of a long term goal as my interest in Amateur Radio began clear back in September 1962 when I was introduced to HAM radio in an electronics class at my Junior High School. I'm Paul Stewart, KE0TFX, my wife Becki and I are excited to be a part of this blog group. Thank you to Lori for helping us thru the registration process.

We travel some and spend the rest of our time in Chico, CA near our daughter Cari and her family. We full time in our Montana fifth wheel and love the life. My wife enjoys quilting as a hobby and I like my chair. Currently we have only VHF and UHF radios as our location is not conducive to multiple antennas. HF will come sometime in the near future.

We raised our children in the desert near Lancaster, CA. My wife retired from School Secretary (ing) and I as a maintenance manager. We have two daughters, Cari here in Chico, has a daughter Emmi and Cathi lives near Boston.

That is about it, thank you for allowing us to join with you, we look forward to sharing back and forth as our lives journey's continue.