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Janet H
02-05-2019, 04:24 PM
Next week as you login you will be prompted to use your e-mail address and password instead of your username and password. This change is being made for a number of reasons.

The biggest reason has to do with the forum being part of the RV Life family (http://www.rvlifenetwork.com/rv-traveltrailer/) of sites.
Many of us have accounts at other RV Life sites, specifically CampgroundReviews.com (formerly campgroundreviews.com). In time you will be able to login to The Forum as well as other RV Life sites where you have accounts with the same login, simplifying things substantially.
We hope to have an enhanced mobile app available as well that will allow you to read and post on multiple RV Life sites where you have registered an account if you desire, although this is not yet fully developed.

Some other reasons:

Username logins were case sensitive and often had punctuation that could be miskeyed or forgotten and has been a regular cause of login trouble.
It's easier to remember your e-mail address then username for most folks.
E-mail address are not visible on the forum but usernames (half of the login combo) are and so there is a little better account security.

Your username will remain unchanged and display as usual next to your posts.

If you have trouble logging in with your e-mail address instead of username there will be some prompts on the login screen to help you and a link to update your email address if needed. This change will not affect Tapatalk logins.

Thanks in advance for your patience with these changes - we're working hard to improve security and keep the site easy to use.

02-07-2019, 07:36 PM
Two comment and two questions:

Comment: it would have been more sociable to ask our opinions before beginning. Might have saved you a world of work, if others' opinions are like mine.

Comment: I infer that you are not a radio ham and don't know our culture. For radio hams the callsign is the person's internationally recognized name. There are many individuals named Carl Hayes in the world -- one of them lived in Dallas at the same time I lived there, and didn't pay his bills, which caused me a world of heartburn -- but my callsign, NN5I, is guaranteed unique in all the world, by international agreements. So, among ourselves, we tend to use the callsign as primary identifier -- my callsign is my name -- as I did when joining ORR and many other web fora -- or forums, if you prefer.

Question: Did you seek anyone's opinion?

Question: Will our old userids persist and continue to display on our posts, or will we all become strangers to each other and have to learn each other's needlessly new "names" all over again? (With respectful communication beforehand, I would already know the answer and wouldn't have to ask.)

Janet H
02-08-2019, 06:54 PM
I know this change causes some upset, but several things to consider:

1. Your display name remains the same and is searchable of someone is trying to locate you.

2. Since your username is no longer part of the login credentials, there is some added security to accounts.

We are working hard to stay current and keep everyones account info secure and this is a step in that direction. How you login is impacted but not how you post or find others. The member list is still searchable and usernames (callsign) are still the public facing.

Thanks for your patience as we navigate this change.

02-11-2019, 05:34 PM
OK, that seems all right, no hassle, at least after I refused to add any of the extensions it urged. Eventually I clicked "back" enough times, and finally it presented me a box for logging in -- after which it looked about as before.

Question: any progress on fixing the bug that requires me to find and click Mark Forums Read every several days?. That's been there quite some time now.

Cheers! Gotta go now, after I mark the fora as having been read.