View Full Version : Hi Gang, Lake Havasu City AZ here

04-11-2019, 09:56 PM
Hey HAM gang,
First post here. Been a HAM for about 11 years now and, kind-a just didn't pay all that much attention to the hobby in all that time. Just a "Tech" for now. But, I'm kinda getting or, wanting to get more into it. Don't know how deep I'll get but, it's fun goofing around on it and talking to nice folks. It's phenomenal how much you can learn about all this stuff. We presently don't have a mobile in the motorhome yet, just the Jeep.
I'm thinking of getting one for the motorhome. The wife would probably kill me so, for now, I might just use one of the HT's. We'll see. Anyway, nice to be here. I had no idea this existed. Cool!:radio: 73's for now

Paul Stewart
04-12-2019, 03:53 PM