View Full Version : Help! ICOM 7300 and Eagle One Antenna

07-19-2019, 04:10 PM
I have a new ICOM 7300 and Eagle One Antenna that I have been trying to get working. I cannot get a decent ground for my antenna on my 2007 Tiffin Phaeton motorhome . The SWR is through the roof. Can anyone tell me how and where to ground the antenna? I have tried different areas on the motorhome frame and have ground off paint in spots to attach the ground wire. I am flummoxed . Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

08-04-2019, 06:52 PM
It's tough I'll assume your roof is not metal. I carry a stainless rod about 3' long that I work into the ground it attaches to a ground lug fastened to the rear bumper. My mast is fastened to the ground lug also I use a screwdriver antenna with home made radials it's a wild setup but it works fastening the RV and mast to the ground rod made a big improvement. I have a camper with an aluminum roof that helps and I went to great pains with a megger to assure the roof,camper and radio all went to a single point ground.

08-06-2019, 03:26 PM
I would recommend playing with radials, since the antenna is a wire vertical. I use the Eagle One with my RV and never used a ground rod. Simply run a wire from the ground connection of the coax away from the antenna, laying it on the ground. The length of radial that works to bring the SWR down will depend on what band, among other things. I "cheat" by adding an automatic antenna tuner at the base of the antenna, but it works pretty good especially on 40 meters.

08-07-2019, 12:38 AM
Thanks for the suggestion. I did run a wire on the ground from the ground connection and the SWR is significantly better. Thanks.