View Full Version : Back after many years

12-17-2019, 09:19 AM
After being RV less for several years my wife and I (W4RAA) are back with a new (to us) RV that we are really enjoying. The RV is equiped with a VHF/UHF radio for repeater/simplex use while driving/parked and a HF setup when
parked. We have been on several get aways in the past few months with another one coming up here in a few days to the North East Florida area.

Great to be back on the road again.

12-20-2019, 09:51 AM
Hi Bob,

Welcome back to the RV crowd and for checking in here. Congratulations on your retirement! The wife and I are still working but plan to retire in a couple more years. The RV is a constant "weekender project" as I continue to customize it - a 2015 Thor Windsport 27K. Hopefully it will continue to be in good shape and be ready to get used more often in retirement.

Nice that you have rigs in your rig! I have the VHF on 146.52 and have a 100-W HF rig ready when we're stationary and connected to a telescoping flagpole vertical on the ladder.

Hope to catch you on the air and/or in a campground!