View Full Version : CQ de KT1F in New Hampshire

08-08-2020, 08:10 PM
Hello all

I know this site is pretty much dead but I figured that I may as well say hello anyway.

I'm Ross, KT1F. My partner and I just bought a 30 ft 2017 Winnebago motorhome. We're complete newbies at RVing but looking forward to it. We went away for one night a couple of weeks ago just to try things out for the first time and all went well.

The big trip coming up is to drive to Texas to be near her mother who is not well. We'll be traveling with four cats so ... it's going to be an adventure :). We're busy right now working on trying to make the RV somewhat cat proof both from the point of view of preventing them destroying it by scratching and also prevent them escaping when we open the door.

As for ham radio, I've been a ham since I was 14 at high school in New Zealand. I'm not very active these days but I have a home HF station and get on the air occasionally, mostly CW or digital.

I plan to put a 2 meter radio in the RV although the technical priority right now is setting up good cellular data access. We both work full time remotely so with a good internet connection we can work from the RV. I'm looking forward to being at a campground working some QRP CW, probably with a wire up a tree.


KT1F (ex ZL1BNV)