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Rock My Soul
03-26-2022, 07:37 PM

I recently got into Ham radio last year, as my wife was pregnant with our daughter and our wintertime activities came to a halt. I passed my amateur and general in feb 2021 and pass the extra a month later. I am in the process of converting a Skoolie (School bus) to an Rv. Almost there! My Skoolie will be my shack for the next couple of years. My time in the RV will mostly be split between our house ( as my shack when time allows) and our camp (Main reason for the conversion).

Hope to meet some new friends and get some great ideas!


03-31-2022, 01:47 PM
Hi Skoolie and welcome!

There hasn't been much activity here lately but I try to swing by to check it once in awhile.

Good luck with your bus conversion project! Hope to catch you on the air sometime - I'm mostly on 40 or 20 meters from home and 2 meters on the rode. Once in awhile I'll have an HF rig in my RV as well with a vertical while at the campsite.

Post a photo or two of your project some time!