View Full Version : Testing in San Diego County, San Diego Ca.

02-14-2008, 09:22 AM
It seems that there is a test atleast every week end some where in these United States, in San Diego county every Saturday of the month, http://www.sandarc.net/VE.html

Check the link out.

Also there is going to be a special session,

Special March 29 Session at the Joan Kroc Center
6845 University Ave, San Diego, CA, 92115. (Between College Ave and 70th St.)

Free all-day Amateur Radio "Technician" License Class. The purpose of this course is to aid students
in preparation for an amateur radio Technician License written examination (Element 2).

8 AM to 5 PM (with breaks and one hour lunch)

$5.00 SANDARC License Examination Session.

5 PM until completion

Please RSVP with Don Read, at [email protected] so that adequate materials and
testing may be arranged.