View Full Version : Cantenna, Wi-Fi type and Internet TV

02-26-2008, 07:28 AM
Recently while visiting the MOZILLA web page (home of Firefox) I came across a new offering MIRO. (http://www.getmiro.com)

You know those adds you get "Thousands of satellite TV channels on your PC for Free only $49.95"

Well... This is much the same program, only a couple of minor differences..

For example, What part of 49.95 is FREE?.. Well MIRO does not false advertise, when they say FREE they mean FREE (There is a way they ask you to support them but it does not cost you anything so it truly is FREE)

The second is, Miro understands that they are not the same channels you get on Dishnetwork or DirecTV. They are not Satellite television, they are INTERNET television channels

The program can download MP4, FLV, Ipod videos and more from thousands of sites and display it on your computer screen.. NOTE: one small catch if you use a program like Total Recorder (I do) it will need to be disabled during playback.

Next part: The Cantenna.. Tanks to MIRO I found a TV channel..

http://www.amateurlogic.tv/ I think the ACTIVE cantenna is episode 3

This is a Wi-Fi antenna using, in the example, a Linksys USB wi-fi adapter and a Grape Juice can to give it gain and directionality. Very effective at increasing the range of your Wi-Fi link.

And in a later (Episode 16) They do the "Wok-Tenna" Yet another way to do long-range Wi-Fi

The reporting is kind of dry, though one of them IS a professional broadcast engineer, none of them are "in front of the camera" types. But it is all about Ham Radio, In the same episode as the Wok-Tenna they do a most interesting interview... MFJ's Founder and CEO