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My wife is a home health nurse and one of her young friends died of Lupus at the end of Jul05. On 26April there is a walk in honor of her young friend Kodie Gouge (15Aug91 Ė 30Jul05). She will be a member of the KODIEíS KREW team with Michelle Trewin (Kodie's mom) as the Team Captain.

My daughters use to go visit her with my wife and play with Kodie and became very attached to her. Kodie would always break out the Easy Bake Oven for the girlies. They along with my wife were devastated when she died. Kodie was only 13. I only got to meet Kodie once or twice while she was in one of her many stays at a hospital. She was a great kid with a smile on her face even though she was in pain.

I would like to encourage you to goto the web site and maybe kick in a few dollars to help support Kodie's Krew in her honor.

My wife's page.

Kodie's Krew page.

The main site.



Here's Kodie's story as written by her in '04........
Kodieís Story
My name is Kodie., In April I got diagnosed with lupus. The reason why they found it , was that I was riding my horse and my finger with my ring on got really swollen. So my Granny and Pappy took me to the ambulance place and they got it off.

The next day my Granny took me to the doctor, they referred me to Scottish Rite Hospital. So we went over there and they did blood work on me then they decided that I had lupus. I did not know what it was at that time. They started my steriod treatment all summer long. It was not that bad. Then we when to live with my Meemaw,

we where going to stay in our old house but my aunt moved in there. We lived with my memaw and pawpaw. I was hot all the time I was so miserable. On a weekend, I went to play golf with my pawpaw. This was in January, he let me go with him. When got up to get ready my legs felt funny they where numb,I did not know what was going on.

So I ignored it. When I was in the golf cart.

And it hit me when I was going to get up and go in the club. They just tingle really bad. So I handle it in till I got home. Then I told my mom. So she took me to Cooks Childrens Hospital, there I laid thinking "What was going on". It started right then when I was thinking, there began the worse back pain ever. They did a MRI on me. I did not like that at all they had to put a IV in me. I got really scared in the big tube. Finally we got it over with. After that we waited for ever. They finally knew what was wrong with me they came in to the room and said Ďshe has Transverse Myelitis and has to be hospitalize for thisí. My mom saidí okí. They transported me over to Dallas Childrens Hospital. I was hurting really bad so in the ambulance they kept giving me morphine. Lots of it. When I got there we stayed in the ER for a very long time. When I tried to get up to go to the bath room I fell and my mom caught me. So they carried me to the toilet I tried to pee but I could not. They had to put a catheter in me. They also did a spinal tap on me. That hunt really bad. A saw 12 doctors at one time. I came up with lots of rashes. They did not know what was going on. I thought it was my lupus rash but now one knows. I finally got a room. I was on morphine for days. And I could not move my legs. They got my pain under control. And I got better with lots of high dose of steroids. It made my checks really big. I donít like it at all. All the doctors thought I should get chemo treatments. So than I started that and my hair thin out really bad. I got better and could walk. I got a bunch of stuff and a lot of people came and saw me. I missed my basketball game so they taped it ,that was really cool of all them people that did that for me THANK YOU. I went home after 2 in half weeks. I could not go back to school because I might get sick from the other kids. I did home bound for a month in a half. I really did bad on that. Then a few weeks later me and my friend Stormie went babysitting. It was fun, when the night came we all got scared. So my mom came over. My back was hurting really hurting bad. When I went home I tried to go to sleep I could not. So I went in my moms room, and she gave me a pain pill and that helped me go to sleep for a few hours. Than I woke up and I was getting where I could not walk , so my mom took me to the ER. This time I did not have a rash. But they did have to put a catheter in me. We waited in the ER 22 hours. I slept the whole time because I was hurting. They did a spinal tap on me now that hurt. When I got to my room I just laid there and watched Disney Channel. I was on a lot of meds. I had to learn to take pills. I was not very good then at taking pills but now I am very good.

A couple of weeks went by and I got a lot of spinal taps and MRIís. One day I was laying there and my numbness moved up and to my left arm. I told my big doctor and they had me do breathing treatments. It was had to breathe and swallow. At that time I thought I was just fine. They would not let me eat. Because they got scared that it might not let me swallow. One night they came in there every night like they always did, and they did not wake me up all the way. And I did really bad. So my doctor got scared and came in there and turned all the lights on and woke me up. He told me if I donít do good I will go to ICU. I was scared so I tried my best and I did not go to ICU. But the next day they sent me there. I was really really scared. During the night I could not sleep because I could not move any thing but my head and right arm. They thought I would be on a ventilator.

I just laid there for a long time. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and ask my mom if I was going to die? She said she did not know. At that time I was getting my chemo. The next day I woke up and I could move my left arm. It was like I was touched by an angel, and it was a miracle. I got better and I went back to the floor. I was very happy. I had my 13 birthday party there I donít remember nothing at all. After 5 weeks they let me go to Baylor at Our Childrens House. When I first got there I could not move my left arm very good. So I got a electric wheel chair. And I got lots of therapy. I got where I could walk a little bit, now I can walk a lot better. After 4 months I was so tried of every thing. But now I am in a wheel chair but I can walk with help. I just want kids out there to not give up and fight, there is hope for you. Thats my story. Kodie Gouge

The Fall of 2004

Kodie Leigh Gouge August 15th 1991 July 30th 2005

There is also a donation form via pdf format that can be downloaded and a check sent in.


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We'll make this a sticky until the day of the walk.

OK PEOPLE! Let's not just sit around on our wallets...we have here a chance to do something worthwhile with our forum!

Now, where'd I put my checkbook. Some things are more important than saving for a new trailer...


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OK, I'm in.

Who's next?

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Im In 25.00

Thanks, Mike

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Thanks Wade!!
Thanks Mike!!

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So far folks with the help of some really great friends the donations on my wife's site are at $425 and the Kodie's Krew team has raised $2,340!! Their goal is $2500. Help us surpass it and leave it in the dust!

Wade and Mike have both been very generous in helping out in the fight against Lupus. So please, if you can spare a bit goto the donation site and kick a few bucks in.


thank you,


03-11-2008, 09:06 AM
The following is the epitaph/speech that Kodie's brother Johshua gave at her funeral......


My little sister was not like any other little girl you would see everyday, she was not the kind of person that would give up on something, especially her life.

I could see in her eyes she was ready for this time to come along time ago, I thought about this happening for about 6 months now, trying to prepare myself, I kept it to myself and didnít even tell my best friends, but never thought it would be this bad.

Kodie was not the average 13 year old, she was the strongest person I have ever seen in my entire life and wouldnít let go of anything including her mother. Thereís going to be a lot of things I will miss about my little sister...... like beating a level on her video game because she couldnít do it, pushing her fast in her wheel chair in the parking lots at the hospital while we waited for our mom to get the car, helping her take her medicine, arguing with her about if it was cold enough in the house or not, but the thing ill miss the most is her calling my name every 5 minutes wanting me to get something for her. I donít know why, but from that early Saturday morning when they came and got her, I had a gut feeling she wasnít coming home this time, I cant explain the feeling of knowing that she will never be here to get on my nerves again or ask me weird questions I didnít like to answer but did any ways.

Out of all the things I will miss there is one thing I defiantly wont miss.........and thatís seeing her sit on the coach ever single day watching TV all day long, not be able to live a normal life, wishing she would just stop hurting and go out and live like a 13 year old should, hoping she would get better soon so she wouldnít have to see me and my mother suffer anymore. I did my best to take care of her, now itís her turn to take care of me.

As much as it hurts to let her go, we all know this is for the best and stop being so sad for our selves and starting being happy for her.

Sincerely and Always
Joshua Wayne Farmer

again, my wife's donation page