View Full Version : Round up the YL's - they have their own forum!

05-03-2008, 04:10 PM
What's new on Open Roads Radio :radio:

The new YL Forum for all those loving spouses, licenced or not, who put up with us Old Men and our passions for expensive and complex toys. So gentlemen, round up the wives, get them their own logins and let them have their say in their own special place, a clubhouse where "No Boys Allowed" is announced proudly over the door. :girl:

BTW - in other forum news -

1. Mike is revamping the photo gallery and it should return in a few days.

2. We need to figure out a way to support Open Roads Radio by a different method than just sending the bills to Mike. :money:The total cost to keep the lights on here are about $120 - $150 a year. If we had 6 advertisers who would pay $20 a year for a banner we'd be set. (think: :think:who do you know) Or as some of the other forums have done, we could just run on donations. What do all of you think?