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05-15-2008, 04:36 PM
Well, I am getting the motor home ready for a summer family reunion (Miami to Des Moines and back) and trying to figure out mounting antennas for mobile operation.

I use a Tar Heel when in fixed camp and have a Diamond lashed on the ladder for 2 meters for the TS2000. I want to put up in a CB (ugh) antenna and of course 2 meters on the road. Thinking of just putting both the CB and 2 meter up on the ladder. I checked the other day and the ladder isnt grounded so I am going to have to sort that out.

Being a new RVer am hesitant to drill into the fibreglass up near the drivers side window. Would imagine though its simply finding the metal frame word for the side walls and drilling.

Any words of wisdom?

Thanks and 73

05-15-2008, 07:57 PM
That's just what I did with my MH. Just be careful not to hit one of your supporting square frames. You do want that if you are using a tuner like mine that wants to be grounded.
Here are some pix of what I did. The tuner is mounted in a void out of site that was unused between the front and side cabinets. I also put a couple of eyelets on the side of the MH whip and a non conductive line to it so I can pull it down for travel without having to get out a ladder as the base it at nearly 10'.
This system seems to work well 10-40 meters. I have it will tune 6 but I have not used it there.
Adding additional wire to it is another option while parked that I have done with the same setup in the past.

05-15-2008, 08:59 PM
Thanks -- thats a nice set up. For the whip did you use self taping lag bolts -- i assume you did find the vertical frame behind the fiberglass and that is where you drilled into it? Thanks and 73

05-16-2008, 08:31 AM
No this rig is a formed sandwich affair. I wanted to miss the beam but went right next to it for use as a ground. I just located it with a hammer and the sound.
I used a hole saw to go through the material. In my case the fiberglass was only about 1/4" think with foam behind that about 1" or so and then the inner wall.
The ring for the inside of a car fender that comes with the antenna worked well for a back support as intended inside. I also had thought I might need to cut a bigger sheet metal piece but it worked fine. That foam was pretty soft looking and I thought tightening the bolts down might crush it but it did not.
You will see that I used that ring to secure the base of the AH-4 too. That point on the tuner is not ground however and they warn you of that.
I used the galvanized pipe strapping for the ground to the frame which you can see coming forward to an existing screw that holds it into the square stock framing around the cab which is ground of course. I have found this stuff works well too with bonding screwdrivers to car bodies in the past.
The pix does not show the eyelets but I used two. I put them into the awning slide area. One about 10' back which gives a nice angle to pull the antenna straight back. I just get the antenna low enough so it will not hit.
The second comes back just shy of the door and I run a small cord from the tip of the antenna through the two eyelets and then down to a small cleat near the door.
This way I can put the antenna up or down without a ladder. My only worry now is just how long that non conductive cord will last. I like to use something light so it does not make the antenna droop when it's up.
The stuff I am using is light and PVC protected but I am not sure about the wear factor at the eyelets. Oh well, it's cheap and I have a roll of it. :D
I was going to use a 23' marine whip in the same location until it dawned on me that I might get to part under trees from time to time and the length could have been a problem.
With this setup I can operate with the antenna folded a bit or attach additional wire as required for more bands.

Good Luck with your project.

05-16-2008, 12:55 PM
Ok Thanks Ken -- I see now you mounted the SGC tuner right where you drilled with the hole saw. I dont think I will mount a large whip like that on mine but might do the CB antenna and/or the 2meter -- Mounting would be inside the side cabinet above the driver anyway so I think I go all the way through and secure it in there.

Your call sounds familiar. Not sure if we have QSO'd or not.


05-16-2008, 01:07 PM
That's an ICOM AH-4 tuner, not the SGC by the way.
And we may have QSO'd from time to time. Your callsign does sound familiar.
Although I have not had this one too many years now as it's a vanity.
I did not like the call they assigned when I got my ticket back KD7NAA and went for a vanity with my initials and got it, W7KKK. Then I thought that traveling the US with that on my license plates might not be a good idea so I went to the 1x2. I did seem to get more answers calling CQ however with the W7KKK callsign.
The only problem I have with the WV call is too many people hear or try to repeat it as WB. Too much advertising by the Warner Bros. networks I guess. You will normally hear me phonetically sign as Whiskey Seven Whiskey Victor on SSB as a result. Many don't pay attention to that either. I don't have that problem with CW however.
I moved all my logs to a laptop and failed to back them up and~~~You guessed it. I have little in the way of records now except QSLs.
I don't collect many but have gathered a few over the years.