View Full Version : A checklist for the dealer to demonstrate at the walk through

05-31-2008, 10:46 AM
Here's A list of stuff I will video-tape the dealer rep showing us how to do when the new trailer is delivered:

Questions for dealer:

How to operate slide room (normally and manually)
 Use of safety braces
 Extending slide room
 Retracting slide room
 Care of slide seals

How to operate refrigerator on gas and electric.
 Turn on and off
 Set gas or electric
 Adjust temperature
 Detect problem

How to operate water heater on gas and electric
 Run on gas
 Run on electric
 Run on both
 By pass valves
 How to fill WH
 How to drain WH

How to operate water pump.
 How to start, stop
 Fill fresh tank

How to light oven and stove.
 Light stove top burner
 Light oven

How to extend, retract and secure awning with safety straps.
 Extending awnings
 Tilt awning for rain
 Set awning legs on ground
 Use of “de-flapper” clamps
 Use of awning lights/accessory slot on roller tube
 Secure awning safely for travel

How operate TV antenna and amplifier, stand-alone and cable mode.
 Entertainment systems overview
 Use of cable
 Use of roof antenna and amplifier
 Use of TV in bedroom
 How to turn off the alarm clock!

How to flush toilet.
 How to flush toilet
 How to unstop the toilet
 Use of black tank chemicals

How to use the hide a bed.
 Set up
 Take down

How to operate the furnace and AC.
 AC on and set temperature
 Furnace on, set temperature
 Furnace gas controls

How to tie down chairs
 Dinette Chairs
 Living room chairs
 Sofa?

How to dump tanks
 Attaching dump hoses
 Dumping black
 Use of tank flush
 Dumping gray

Attaching city water and electrical lines
 City water input
 Fresh tank input
 Electrical cable

Swapping and filling LP tanks
 How to set system to point to full tank
 How to unmount/fill tanks

Hitch up procedure

Unhitch procedure

How to adjust brake controller.

Andy N1ORK
05-31-2008, 12:24 PM
What a great list Wade! Would it be possible to attach a word doc for this? I'm going to try cut and paste and see how that works. An additional list could be Winter close-up and Spring opening.
Thanks and 73!

05-31-2008, 01:09 PM
You wanted it as a .doc?
Here it is~~~I can also do this as a .wps doc if you need it.
But you did forget to find out where the power sources are for radio power and where to store the fishing poles! :fishing:

Andy N1ORK
05-31-2008, 02:44 PM
Ok Ken, this is getting better. I modified the centering to left adjust so it can be added to. Now we need to expand this into a general info booklet that breifly explains all the points. Can't be too specific, but a few hints and kinks would be good. Or, each one of us could do our own being specific to our own needs and units.