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One Country Boy
06-05-2008, 04:23 PM
Good afternoon,

de WB4QBW, Jim in Wewahitchka, FL, about 25 miles east of Panama City, FL and inland from the Gulf of Mexico approx. 25 miles. The XYL and I have been RV'ing for several years, doing weekends, long weekends and vacations. I retired the end of July 2005, after almost 36 years in law enforcement, the past 25+ as a State Attorney Investigator. The XYL retired in August of last year from the State of Florida.

Ready to do some traveling we purchased a new 2008 Ford F250 SuperDuty, King Cab. Now with a bigger truck, a feller should be able to pull a bigger camper, so we bought a new Jayco Eagle Super Lite. We love the rig, but the Ford gets terrible fuel milage.

I found out about this forum from RV.Net. I saw a post "Radio" made and on his signature was the link. A great site and just what I was looking for a group of hams that like to RV. I've just started carrying with us my Kenwood TS50, a mobile MFJ tuner, Astron 35 amp PS, some Ham Sticks and a few Hustler coils.

We are planning a trip in a few days to Cotton Hill, on Lake Eufalla, in GA. Plans are to stay there a few nights and make our way up to Franklin, NC. We have friends there that have a pad we can park on awhile. Not sure how long we will stay, maybe until we wear out our welcome. :)

Thank you to the folks who provide this site. What I've read so far is very nice and informative.

Jim - WB4QBW
Wewahitchka, FL

06-05-2008, 06:33 PM
Welcome aboard.
Many hams who like to RV here.
This site is new but it's growing.
We have had several rigs and are both retired ourselves. We age going full time as soon as someone bites the bullet and buys our home.
Too nice to rent and I don't want to be a wayward landlord anyway.
Maybe we will meet one day on the road or on the air.
I am an HF ragchewer by nature and really like 15 and 17 when they are up and running.

06-05-2008, 07:47 PM
:hello: Welcome aboard!

Jump right in the frey and join the fun! Glad you followed us over here...the site serves a rather narrow niche but we continue to grow with a new member every couple of days or so. Thanks for introducing yourself.

And again, welcome aboard ORR.net!

One Country Boy
06-06-2008, 05:40 AM
Thank you. I don't know that we would ever go "full time". Even as much as we enjoy RV'ing and meeting new people, it seems as though it's always nice to get back home. Thanks again and I sure like the board.

Jim - WB4QBW