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07-18-2008, 09:26 PM
Well, as total newbies we towed the thing about 700 miles through all sort of (summer) weather conditions on just about every kind of road surface and traffic conditions.

We stayed in a KOA and 2 state parks, for a total of 7 nights.

Here's our first impressions of the new camper:

Stuff we like:


Has very good towing manners, no problem for the F-150 to pull. Very well behaved on uneven, bumpy roads and on the freeway with big trucks passing.
I will improve transmission cooling (yes, I have the tow package) before next summer.

The kitchen! Huge counter space and more cabinet space than I think we'll ever need. Massive pantry.
The way the faucet head is also a spray nozzle on a hose and looks and works great at the same time.
The lift tubes on the overhead cabinets keep the doors firmy open OR shut.
The refrigerator worked great in 90 degree heat, and so did the A/C. In fact all the major systems we used on the trip were flawless. Did not use water pump or furnace. Even the Concertone XZ600 worked great!
The matress is a full (real) queen and slept very well.
The lights in the basement! And by the steps.
All the chairs are comfy, we saw no problems with interior fit and finish. Like the hidden storage in the dining room chair seats. (Shhh! It's a secret)
We like all the storage in the bedroom, three wardrobes and some drawers.
The toilet room has a window! Like the open bath layout. Like the tiny tub in the bottom of the shower.

Improvements Forest River made:

The water pump relocated to make more cabinet space. And is on the opposite end of the trailer from the bedroom.
The slide out motor relocated to somewhere besides between the street side wheels, under the slide...now protected and out of the way...somewhere.
The "accordion" style bedroom door replaced by pocket door. Nice.

First mods I will make:

We have the table and chairs. The strap to hold the chairs in place lets them fall over, as there are no rugs on the legs for the strap to catch on. (You sort of have to see it to understand) I'm going to put small hooks on the chairs to hold the strap in place to see if that helps.

The water filter is behind a cabinet door that is screwed shut. (WHY?) That will get a knob and catch to make servicing the filter easy. Also will "shock mount" the water pump. Everybody does that.

Don't like:

The kitchen drawers are under the optional counter extention. I saw that one coming and bought the trailer anyway. The way the sink is arranged it's difficult to place a dish drainer on the counter to drain into the sink. No big deal. Pretty sort list, huh?


The kitchen table was mounted too close to the wall and the day/night shade will not come all the way down. Cordless screwdriver to the rescue. The laundry basket, when placed on the basement deck, doesn't like up with the laundry chute (hole?) I think that's a design issue. Prop up the end of the basket with something and move it closer to the compartment door and it works OK.

This is the only RV we will ever own (unless we manage to wear it out...not likely) and I think we really hit the ball out of the park on this one.

07-19-2008, 08:27 AM
Come on now.
How many times have I heard "this is the only RV I will own?"
I am taking bets. :D

07-19-2008, 12:32 PM
Come on now.
How many times have I heard "this is the only RV I will own?"
I am taking bets. :D

Place your bets carefully. :poke:

I'm the kind of guy that drives the same pickup 15 years and then sells it because it won't pull a 5th wheel (It was a Ford Ranger) I have almost every ham radio I have ever bought. Only get a new one when one finally dies.

Unless the trailer is wiped out in an accident or severe storm event, it's going to be here until we wear it out.

I still have my first HF rig, that HW-101 I built a long long time ago. :radio:

07-20-2008, 05:53 PM
I'm with W7WV, the RV is different from almost anything you can name. Small anoyances grow and you see things that you can't live without. I'm delighted that the unit you chose fits you well. Unfortunately, people change and it seems that the RV doesn't.
It's been great to hear the story of your purchase, and I look forward to more of the adventure.

73, Mac AE5FH

07-20-2008, 06:13 PM
I'm with W7WV, the RV is different from almost anything you can name. Small anoyances grow and you see things that you can't live without.

73, Mac AE5FH

Did I mention I've been married to the same woman 33 years?

OK, we'll let bnmcgraw hold the money. But you better invest it in a CD or something, 'cause your gonna have it a long long time! :bleh: