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10-30-2008, 09:28 PM
On our recent trip to Indian Springs State Park we discovered our furnace doesn't work. Bummer. Didn't freeze though as we had an electric heater with us to avoid spending money on LP gas.

Found a dealer to do the warranty work. He gave really good directions at to how to get into his lot from the 4 lane highway. But I missed his driveway and had to turn around, approaching the gate the wrong way, requiring a very tight turn. (You'd have to be there to understand)
Sparing any more verbage, I ran over the dealers gate post with the new 5th wheel. :rain:
However, I am impressed at how tough the filon wall system on the Forest River product is. Every thing that needs fixing can be replaced with a screwdriver and some caulking. The underskirt got folded up, the slide flange was damaged and the connections for city water, the black tank rinser and cable TV box were scraped off.

But the shiney white skin of the trailer was nearly undamaged. Just some minor scratches that should buff out. And the poor guys post was seriously bent!!

So I'm really impressed with the strength and quality of the bonded wall technology that new trailers are put together with.

The damage is less than my deductable and I'll have it back, good as new and nice and warm in a couple of weeks. The wife said "Oh well, I guess this is the one we learn on!"

Her attitude is better than mine, I have to admit. :baby:

One Country Boy
10-31-2008, 08:18 AM
Sorry to hear about your accident Radio.:eek: Glad to hear you found your RV well constructed. Your XYL sounds like mine. Always trying to keep me calm while I spank my fanny. :spank:

We keep a couple of small electric heaters in our RV to heat with. Using the electricity in the parks sure beats having to use our own propane.:money:

I fired our new heater off for the first time the other day since purchasing the new Jayco. We had an early freeze and I had not drained the water lines. I wanted to get that smell of paint burning, burned off the furnace while we were here at home. The last time I did that it set off all types of alarms. It was not near as bad this time.

Hope you get the 5er back from the shop real soon.

10-31-2008, 09:24 AM
I'm reminded of a story my Dad told of the old days in Nebraska when a Threashing machine was a major investment and only a couple of people per town had one.

Well, there was this one farmer, every year the threasher came to thresh his wheat and he's make it into the field just fine... But on his way out he hit the gate post and snapped it off.

First year the farmer said "Well.. Most likely an accident, won';t happen again"

The second year "Well, it could be and accident,, Let's see if it happens again"

The Third year "This is no accident, he's doing that on purpose"

The forth year.. The post did not break!!!! (The threashing machine did however)

Seems the new, somewhat scrawny looking, gate post was made of Osage Orange

Makes STEEL look like typing paper

10-31-2008, 09:52 AM
well at least you got your first messup out of the way........ let's hope it doesn't happen again.