View Full Version : Blue foam board to the rescue! Pin boxes and laundry chutes

03-08-2009, 06:04 PM
As we were un-winterizing the 5th wheel yesterday Kathy noticed a Chickadee had determined our pin-box was an ideal place to build a 3 bedroom condo (why such a small bird needs to build such a big nest is beyond me!) Many attempts to discourage such construction were ignored. So today I reached up in there and raked out all the nest. We had some blue foam board left over from another project and Kathy suggested that might make a good barrier to keep unwanted tenants out of the pin box. See below, not only does the free fix work, but it allows me to store the umbilical in the pin pox as I usually do!


I used to think a laundry chute in a 5th wheel was the neatest thing! Sure impresses friends when they come for the "new trailer tour". Didn't take too much mid-summer-in-Georgia camping before I realized a laundry chute was a 10 x 10 opening to the outside, un-air conditioned climate. Made for some cold feet in the bedroom when weather was cold, too. So I measured the floor of the laundry chute compartment and cut some insulating foam to fit. Now we just throw the clothes in there on top of the foam board. I have to get down on hands and knees to get the laundry out, but we are cooler/warmer than we were. If I change my mind, the foam board is just laying there, I can remove it. Quite a challenge getting the foam board through the door, though!