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05-13-2009, 02:06 PM
This morning, I was listening on 20M PSK31 to a mobile PSK station headed for Dayton for the Hamventiion. He was in QSO with a fellow in Oklahoma City, as he was driving down the road. Actually, someone else was driving the MH, I hope. Anyway, he was giving what gear he was using, and he was using a Hamstick, that was HORIZONTALLY mounted off the back of the roof rack of the MH. Stuck out behind, over the top of the toad he was pulling behind. I remember seeing this one time before, several years ago at an RV park on the California coast (Pismo Beach). So, there is an idea for your MH owners if you want to work HF while traveling down the road, and not having to have the antenna mounted so low on the bumper, as most of your RF would ge absorbed by the coach. I can invision when making a turn and slapping some other vehicle with the antenna, hi hi..

One Country Boy
05-14-2009, 05:39 AM
Glad you made mention of that John. I had not considered that configuration. That may even work from the 5er while parked in campgrounds. Not as conspicuous and good idea when under trees, etc. I had considered the idea of using 2 Hamsticks mounted in the diapole config but have not tried it yet.

The last CG we were in, I got in a hurry and left my Hustler mobile mast. I had the long fold over, I think they call it an MO-1 or MO-2. I had the adaptor to put 3 resonators on top and half of one of the quick disconnects on it. I just ordered replacements. It was raining when we packed up and I was in a hurry. You can bet I'll be more careful next time. I had that mast for 30 years, the price of that stuff has gone up abit.

I did get to thinking though. I wonder if you could also mount a resonator in the center of the adaptor (I think it's referred to as a VP-1) and run 4 resonators without a problem? I've never seen that mentioned.

05-15-2009, 08:12 PM
When I'm done I will have a "Goat rail" on at least one side of the rig.. "Long "Wire" antenna (Wire is 1/2 inch copper pipe)

THe problem with that mount is it is very highly directional, or bi, directional

And you may be in the middle of a qso when you turn the corner and he moves from main lobe to null lobe

01-24-2011, 06:16 PM
...he was using a Hamstick, that was HORIZONTALLY mounted off the back of the roof rack of the MH. Stuck out behind, over the top of the toad he was pulling behind...


Brilliant! I like it! I am getting my first HF rig this week (an Icom 718) and I plan on using MFJ HF Sticks (Hamsticks but cheaper).

01-25-2011, 06:11 AM
Google "Towel bar antennas".
These were / are communally used on planes that had / have HF capability's .
I've wondered about using one on a motor home but can find little "REAL" information on them except they are rather pricey if you think about buying one.
Maybe someone "out West" near one of the "Bone Yard's" / surplus dealers would have a shot at getting one to try .
The best info I have is that they are , end fed, aprox.14 feet long, stand off the aircraft about 10 inches, and must be used with a tuner.
If anyone find's more information please pass it along.

40 years or so ago, I built what amounted to a stub tuned 20 meter "SQUALO" for a friend with a "CAB-OVER" camper , stood off the "luggage rack" about a foot on Plexiglas pieces , also used a 1:1 balun to to make the transition from coax, the thing worked well for him and he used it till he became a silent key about 15 years ago.
Also built one for the same camper for 40 meters which worked well, plans are long gone but I do remember I used 1/2 inch Alu conduit for both.