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06-09-2009, 01:01 PM
Well I did it... I ordered the general study guide last night (I knew I should have gone and worked at the MIL house).

It will be here next week. So hopefully I can start studying fairly soon.

My youngest daughter (10 yrs) told me last night that she wants to start studying for her Tech, so I gave her my book this morning.

We participated on our first net last night which was kinda neat. Abbi didn't want to check in but told me later she would if there was a kids net. We are looking into that at the moment.

Been lurking around here and on other sites and gleening some info on radios and antennas (I think we might be hooked!!!) Seems as though I am looking up into the trees in the backyard saying to myself "hmmmm that might just work for a tie-off for an antenna"!

Have a great day guys,


Andy N1ORK
06-09-2009, 04:03 PM
Great news Galen! :jitter: Glad to hear you're trying to upgrade and all of you are getting into the hobby. Don't know if there are other YLs (Young Ladies) on this forum, maybe we can start a forum thread for Abbi and others. I think there is one for XYLs, but haven't seen any posts there yet.
Don't forget to take the QRZ practice exams. :poke:They were a great help to me getting my Extra. I think I took all of them about 4 times before I went for the test.
Good Luck!!

One Country Boy
06-09-2009, 05:18 PM
That's good news all the way 'round Galen. When you upgrade, you will find a way to get up a wire antenna, hams always do. There is a thread for YL's, as Andy mentioned. I think it's nice that both girls want to get into the hobby. My son got his ticket at 14 or 15, just before he got his drivers license. He had a radio with him when he started driving so I was able to keep up with him when he was on the road and weekends. Worked out good. Good luck with the studies.


06-10-2009, 08:09 AM
I spent 38 years as a TECHNICIAN (part of it as a Tech + of course) which meant I could paper upgrade to General... So I did, in 2006, and rewarded myself with a TS-2000

Well.. I found I had a problem.. You see the Yesau FT-51R hand held would transmit only on frequencies authorized to a TECH or Tech + so if I tried to transmit out of band it just blooped at me. (The computer equivalent of saying "You can't do that stupid")

The TS-2000, however, can transmit (well could then) on any frequency authorized for Ham Radio use in the USA.. This included frequencies reserved for EXTRA CLASS, which of course I did not have. Now that I had to fix. Which I did, that Thanksgiving (Well technically the Saturday before) The fix required a #2 lead pencil and a dollar store calculator and as I recall $14.00. Passed EXTRA on the first attempt. Got the paper document for Christmas.

Then for Feburary... We got more frequencies I can not use cause the TS-2000 won't go there as configured and I don't wish to re-configure

Wish Kenwood would release a software update that would give me full EXTRA range without the MARS/CAP mod

So what am I saying here: "As soon as you pass that GENERAL test... Get the Extra Class study guide"

06-11-2009, 01:42 PM
Maybe now we'll get some action in the YL only forum.