View Full Version : Thought for the day - A mule in a pit

07-31-2009, 09:13 AM
A farmer once had a mule that fell into a deep pit. All efforts to rescue the mule failed. His neighbors said to shoot the mule and they would help bury it there in the pit. The farmer loved the mule and didn't have the heart to shoot it, so it was decided to bury the mule alive.

The neighbors began to shovel and dirt rained down on the hapless mule. But the mule kept shaking the dirt of his back, and as the dirt rose up around his feet he would just step up onto the new dirt. The pit began to fill, the mule began to rise, and in a while, after much effort, the pit was full and the mule walked away.


1. Keep shaking the dirt off your back, no matter how many people are dumping it on you.
2. Keep stepping up, especially when the dirt gets deep.
3. When the pit fills up, just walk away, you will never fall into that particular pit again

And one final thought: Never shoot a mule before his time, just because he happens to be in a pit.