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08-21-2009, 10:35 PM
Ok this should open up some new coffee ...

I have seen some of the hams mobile antennas for HF.. most in the US are mounted on the rear of the vehicle. (car, PU, etc) Normally on the left side so the dirver can see it (although now we see trailer hitch mounts in the center too)

But, if you go to the AU or British web pages for mobile you see a lot of HF antennas mounted on the front of the vehicle. Now knowing that we all pull boxes of Alu the question is .. which is better front or rear... which presents more problems.. front or rear?

So why don't americans put the radio antenna on the front of the vehicle? looks practical or effecency?

Anyone tried this before?

08-22-2009, 11:06 AM
In the other thread that starts out this way I posted a reason FOR mounting the antenna on the front (If you position it properly it checks for low bridge clearence.. Approach slowly if the antenna scrapes the bottom of the bridge (At 1mph there will not be damage) you engage..REVERSE and get outta there)

Another reason is when you back into a camp site.. Well, I've been known to back up against a tree to the point where I had issues un-loading my bicycle.

However.. Here is an argument for REAR mount. or to be more precise mounting it as far from the operator position as is practical

There is a major concern among many about Radiation, EM type radiation

You are going to pump from 10 to 1000 watts of EM radiation out of that hunk of wire... Some folks are seriousl worried about the effects on the human body and thus wish to have the antenna.. "Far Away" since the radiatin exposure decreases as the SQUARE of the distance.

Another argument.. Now you know, and I know, that a 1/2" Inch diamater wire (or less) is not going to obstruct your vision, I mean one or the other eye will always be able to see past it so your "Blind spot" due to having a front mounted antenna will be a very thin line about 1/16" in front of the antenna, or less.

But.. That's you, and me, and anyone who studied (And recalls) Trig.. it might well not count the other guy in a traffic crash or the cop who investigates.

Also the antenna, if it moves, can, for many, be a distraction.

One Country Boy
08-28-2009, 11:07 AM
I just never thought 'bout putting one on the front. Away from the engine, less receiver noise. I was told as a kid to mount on the left rear, further away from power lines when traveling down the highway.

Just looks better back there. Hi hi....