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09-06-2009, 04:05 PM
Just got back from a week on the beach at Grayton State Park near Destin.

The water was warm and just beautiful (and calm). The beach sand was crystal white. The sunsets were spectacular.

The campground was almost deserted for most of the week. We like Grayton because it is a little off the beaten path but located with its own beachfront just a hop and a skip from the sites. Destin is about 20 miles West.

They just opened up a new section of the campground this past week. The new part (sites 31 on up) have sewer hookups as well as elec and water (didn't check for amps but assumed 50). The sites are graveled and are on a paved access loop. The down side is that there is not a lot of shade on some of the sites because of the new construction (probably will be better in a couple of years). A lot of the sites are pretty deep to accept the big RV's.

If you want to get away to the beach, check it out.

Did not get any reception on 2m with mobile or HT. Thought for sure we could get Destin, but didn't hear anything all week. Did not have hf rig (oh well).


One Country Boy
09-14-2009, 09:47 AM
Never been in Grayton Bch Park. I understand it is nice. That's ONLY about 60 miles from me. Grayton is where the Alfred Hitchcock thriller "The Frogs" was made. I think that is correct. There have been a couple of movies made there. I don't think they won any awards. Hi Hi..

09-14-2009, 01:10 PM
It was really a nice trip... We were on the beach Wednesday afternoon and watched about 30 sharks (presuming sand sharks) come in between the beach and the first sand bar. The water was so calm that you could see really well. I guess they came in shallow to feed on the small fish that were there. We watched them for almost 45 minutes before they moved on down the beach.

We also watched a small school of dolphins move down the beach in the same direction of the sharks. The dolphins stayed out beyond the second bar.