View Full Version : Still alive, I think !!

12-28-2009, 03:07 PM
Well, I noticed I havent been on here in 2 months, so thought I would rattle the cage abit here this afternoon.

Havent been anywhere since the trip back to Georgia in Sept/Oct. XYL has something planned for next month I think, or February, not too sure. Just a short jaunt over to the coastline along Central Calif.

As far as ham radio is concerned, I have been doing about 95% of Satellite operating, and having a good time. Not only the FM birds, which we have 2 new ones; one from South Africa and the other from China. The SA bird is just a FM repeater, but the Chinese bird is a FM repeater and a Linear Transponder, using 2 seperate systems. The Linear system is for SSB/CW. The FM bird is voice and packet, which is a problem, as alot of collisions, so not as good as the Linear system. Also, 35 year old AO-7 is still in operating, which amazing.

Otherwise not much else. Medically I am in limbo !! I had a Prostrate Biopsy today and will find out the results on Thursday. Doc doesnt seem to think any problems though even though my PSA had rose. I am going to the gym 3 days a week, hoping to be able to wear clothes I bought in 1960 !! Uhhh, dont think so, hi hi...

Anyway...........will check again and wont be away so long. See some nice threads while I have been away though, and very interesting...

73 de John W6ZKH