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03-11-2010, 10:21 AM
Hi All

We have a 30ft 5er and I want to mount a 32 foot fiberglass pole on the rear bumper that will hold up a wire. I will tune the wire with a AH-4. I was looking for suggestions for feed thru connections. I was thinking of mounting the tuner in the camper and have two feeds, one for antenna wire and one for ground. I am also considering the best way to mount and weather proof a SO-239 bulkhead fitting for 2 meters. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

03-11-2010, 08:50 PM
Welcome Dave and Kay,

Dave, not familiar with your trailer can you show pictures of it and be a little more specific about what you want to accomplish. You know, where you are thinking of mounting the antenna and then where on the inside the radio would be and how/where the wires would "go".

This is difficult from afar at best. One idea though if you have any slides I know of guys routing wires from outside into the trailer through a lower corner of the slide opening.

The best thing I know of at this time to waterproof fittings and connections is a tape called "rescue tape".
Having trouble inserting a link, just google the name and look for the cheapest source.


03-12-2010, 08:33 AM
I think the best way is to bring it up through the floor.. If you have a "Basement" you can bring it into the water compartment and there should be pre-existing holes. Else I would bring it first into a compartment from the bottom, and you can seal that with any of a whole lot of products from "Great Stuff" expanding foam to GOOP. and then into the "House" and again seal it as needed.

ON my motor home I was able to bring it up directly through the floor into the room where the radio lives.

The cables come up (or down if it's a roof mount antenna) directly into cabinets in the room where the radio lives.. NO cables lying on the floor where they can be seen at all.

03-12-2010, 05:46 PM
Thanks for the reply's. We have Laredo with a rear living area. The ladder is on the right rear corner. Just inside is a corner cabinet with a TV in the middle and cabinet on top and below. I wanted to mount an AH-4 antenna tuner (wire tuner) in the lower cabinet. The bottom of the trailer in covered with a membrane that I really don't like cutting into but it might be the best. I would like to drill two holes (one for antenna wire and one for the ground) on the back wall behind the ladder. I was thinking of the ceramic feedthrus. I just need to make it water tight. I don't think there is any metal in the wall so I might be able to use two pieces of all thread with large washers against the two surfaces. I was thinking of doing something similar with an SO-239 for 2m. Just use a large washer or a 2x2 inch aluminum plate inside and out with plenty of caulk. The operating position is close to the corner cabinet on a TV tray table That is what I have been struggling with.

Thanks again, Dave

03-13-2010, 08:02 AM
Well.. YOu can get the UHF Barrell connectors (Feed throughs) in assorted lengths.. I have one that's long enough to go all the way through my roof.. These are not that far removed from 1/2 inch so if you want to go through the wall you might try this.

Get one at least 2"-3" longer than your wall is thick Get at least 4 nuts for it. (A couple of washers might not be bad either)

Now. drill the proper size hole, shove it in and position your nuts, NOTE you want more left over threads than you need by at least a half inch. Loctite the outer nut, remove the inner nut and pull it back about an inch or so, Let sit, 4 hours (Locktite sets fully in that time.

Cover the wall side threads with GOOP sealant (Most any flavor of GOOP will do here) shove it in place, add inner nut, loctite optional.

Now add more GOOP to cover the outside nut Let sit over night

Now slip a shower trim ring (the kind that slides over the 1/2 inch shower arm) and add a 2nd nut (Washer optional) to hold it in place, This dresses up the install, on the outside, if you wish locktite GREEN the nut (That's the weakest version) but frankly.. I'd not.

Do the same on the inside

Job done