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11-20-2010, 10:14 AM


EchoLink Node 387265 (W5RAW-R)
Thursdays at 01:00 UTC (Wednesday Evenings depending on Time Zone)

The #HamTwitNet (http://hamtwit.net/HamTwitNet/QTH.html)is simply an Echolink Net set up for any Amateur Radio Operator with an account on the Social Networking Platform known as Twitter.

It all started by the fact that we hams on Twitter are just a bunch of twits, plain and simple. I mean, by the very fact that we’re Hams, we’re already engaging in “Social Networking.” Ham radio is a much older form of social networking than “microblogging” like we do in Twitter, right? And yet, somehow, we’ve all found ourselves on the platform that forces us to limit our thoughts to 140 characters.

KD8NJZ, W5RAW, and a few others thought it’d be fun to actually get back to our main passion, Amateur Radio, and have a net for those of us that interact on a regular basis on Twitter. Thus, the birth of the #HamTwitNet.

Join the Ham Radio QSO with us! Check the hashtag we use: #HamTwitNet. You’ll also find other Hams on Twitter by checking the #hamr, #arrl, and #hamradio hashtags.