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03-01-2011, 04:31 PM
Ya'll might want to take a look at the below link.


Digital Clamp Meter
Model ST-3030

[Product Image] The Model ST3030 Clamp Meter is an auto/manual ranging, professional meter with Digital Analog Display 4000 count with backlit display. Its advanced design makes it a unique meter in the trouble shooting of electrical, heating and air conditioning systems. The design is rugged and safe for non-invasive current measurements of up to 1000 AMPS. It is also able to measure AC Voltages, DC Voltages, Resistance, Frequency, Capacitance, Diode Check, Audible Continuity, Data Hold, Temperature. The ST3030 Clamp Meter is for some one who wants the latest features in Clamp Meters. The cost of $66.50 is the lowest ever for a meter of this caliber. It is available for immediate delivery.


Large Digital Display. 3 3/4 digit, 4000 count display.
bullet Auto/Manual Ranging
bullet AC/DC Current to 1000 A
bullet AC/DC Voltage to 600 V
bullet Resistance to 40MW
bullet Frequency to 10 MHz
bullet Capacitance to 100uF
bullet Temperature to 1292F
bullet Diode Test
bullet Data Hold.
bullet Audible Continuity Test
bullet Backlight Display.
bullet Deluxe Molded Carrying Case.

AC Voltage 4/40/400V 1.0%, 400mV/600V 0.8%
DC Voltage 400mV/4/40/400V 0.5%, 600V 0.8%
AC Current 400A 2.0%, 1,000A 2.5%
DC Current 400A 1.5%, 1,000A 2.0%
Resistance 400W, 4k/40k/400kW, 4MW 1.0%, 40MW 2.0%
Capacitance 40 nF 3%, 400nF/4uF 2.5%, 40/100uF 5%
Frequency 10Hz - 10MHz 1.0%

I bought one of these a few week's ago with the idea of leaving it in the MH so as not to have to remember to pack my $350 "Amprobe" or "Fluke" when taking a trip and expecting to need a meter.
I have been pleasantly surprised by this $70.00 meter, while I wouldn't say it is as rugged ed as either of the other two meters it certainly seems as accurate or at least close enough for what I need in the field.
This is the cheapest of it's kind I've found in a retail enviorment, and at the moment at least I'd say is a good buy.
With reasonable care it should last quite a while and be quite usefull to anyone who knows how (or takes the time to learn) to use one.

73, John

03-25-2011, 12:52 PM
I already have meters laying all over the place. I have an analog Simson, a couple of small meters from R.S., one even small enough to fit in my shirt pocket(actually smaller than a pack of smokes) leads and all. I even have a digital that also has a scope function from Sears.

One dedicated to my tool box, a couple in the Radio room and also two the MH.

But I do not own a clamp meter.

03-26-2011, 02:03 PM
One of the reasons I posted about this meter is that it will do "D.C. Amps" as a clamp-around.
This is something you don't usually find in this price range.
Also something that most people who deal with RV electrical systems (and HAMS) would find most handy at one time or another (look at the spec's).