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06-30-2011, 10:25 AM
I may be putting this in the wrong place BUT.
The below is information on a very good wide area system in Middle Georgia, hope ya'll enjoy !

Callsign: AA4RI
Frequency: 145.430
Offset: Negative Offset
Notes.: Hub repeater of the "Cherry Blossom Inter-tie" system.
Link's to the following.
Wayside: 145.370 with a 88.5 pl tone. This repeater serves the upper Jones County area including the city of Gray and Juliette.
Forsyth: 147.315 with a 88.5 tone. Forsyth is the furthest north repeater in the intertie family and covers Monroe and parts of Butts and Henry Counties.
Laurens: 145.150 no tone. Located in Laurens County. The repeater offers wide coverage over the entire Dublin, Georgia and surrounding counties.
Twin City: 147.000 with a 156.7 pl tone. Located near Statesboro, this is the newest member of the intertie family. The repeater offers wide area coverage.
Eatonton: 444.425 with at 186.2 pl tone. Covers the Putnam and surrounding counties.
Part time links:
Eatonton: 146.655 with a 186.2 pl tone. While the UHF Eatonton repeater in a full time link, the VHF repeater joins the intertie for nets.


06-30-2011, 04:46 PM
Cool. I had been looking for that information. Going to High Falls SP next weekend (not the 4th, after that) and would like to monitor SkyWarn from the camper should the need arise.

The SkyWarn/WX4PTC net links into the Cherry Blossom intertie as needed during severe weather.

I don't know where else to put it, either. Since there is a link, I'll just leave it here.

06-30-2011, 08:36 PM
There is also a "PEACH STATE INTER-TIE" system, also hubed out of the Macom / Warner Robins / Gordon area.
I'll see if I can put togather a list of those repeaters also.

My original idea in posting that was to see if we could get others to post known wide area systems and machines.

73, John

07-01-2011, 09:21 AM

IRWINTON....147.240+ (77.0 Tone)

IRWINTON....444.925+ (77.0 Tone)

Irwinton is sponsored by WB4NFG and covers Wilkinson and surrounding counties and is also the

home of the UHF hub repeater for the intertie.

All repeaters in the intertie are processed at the hub repeater.

Automatic changeover emergency power generator is located at site.

WARNER ROBINS....146.850- (No Tone)

Warner Robins is the club repeater of the Central Georgia Amateur Radio Club and covers Houston and surrounding

counties and is linked on a part time basis to the intertie.

COCHRAN....145.110- (No Tone)

Cochran is sponsored by the Central Georgia Amateur Radio Club and covers Bleckley and surrounding counties.

CEDARGROVE....147.150+ (123.0 Tone)

Cedargrove is sponsored by WA4FRI and covers Laurens and surrounding counties.

EASTMAN...145.210- (103.5 Tone)

Eastman is sponsored by KC4YNB and covers Dodge and surrounding counties.

MILLEDGEVILLE....147.135+ (123.0 Tone)

Milledgeville is sponsored by KE4UWJ and covers Baldwin and surrounding counties.

POWERSVILLE....145.290- (82.5 Tone)

Powersville is sponsored by AF1G and covers Peach and surrounding counties.

MACON....146.895- (88.5 Tone)

MACON....443.200+ (88.5 Tone)

Both Macon repeaters are sponsored by KD4UTQ and covers Bibb/Twiggs and surrounding counties.

TWIN CITY....147.000+ (156.7 Tone)

Twin City is sponsored by N4SFU and covers Emanuel and surrounding counties.


Hub Repeaters for link to Peachtree City National Weather Service

FAYETTEVILLE....444.600+ (77.0 Tone) Primary

TYRONE....444.675+ (77.0 Tone) Back-up

WEB SITE: http://www.peachstateintertie.com/repeaters.html