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08-28-2011, 07:25 AM
This morning I went out early to try and beat the heat to test out this Hamstick
"L" antenna arrangement. What gave me the idea was the Ad for the Buddipole
antenna, showing all the different configurations that could be used, and noting
the "L" along with the "V" I thought those were the 2 best versions. I've seen
pictures of fellows using the "V" but not the "L", so having spare Hamstick
elements I threw this together for the test this morning. I was trying to get
away from using the DragWire counterpoise that is normally used.

I setup at my usual Santa Fe Trail/Bike path east of town, as the man made noise
from computers, etc is non-existent out there. If you look back at my previous
results from todays test, you see I had a good day, especially that Maritime
Mobile off the coast of Indonesia, using my TenTec R4020 QRP radio running 4 watts.
UR5FA/mm gave me a 449 report, which was about 2500 miles per watt!!


This photo shows the overall setup, including backpack. The Hamsticks sit
approximately 2.5 ft above my head, giving clearance off the ground for the
horizontal element, so as not to drag on ground due to "whippyness" of stinger.


This photo shows the 2 CB mirror type 3/8x24 mounts used; one vertical and one
horizontal, 90 degs apart. The horizontal (bottom) antenna's SO-239 connector
goes to a PL-259 connector with a single wire which attaches to the mounting
bold (grounded side of coax) of the vertical mount, giving it the "L" dipole




This photo shows the internal pack frame that is used. I used Sch 40 PVC 3/4
inch and is fitted to the inside of the pack. I used "Zip ties" at the zipper
loop where the vertical pipe comes out of the pack to hold that section
vertically and prevents horizontal movement also.

Those Hamstick type antennas are found a local hamfests for $15-20 each.

I hope this info is of any help. PedMobile is FUN...If you look at my
www.QRZ.com page you will see my picture of the OP TABLE I use for this setup,
which holds the xcvr and key.

72/73 de John W6ZKH

08-28-2011, 12:55 PM
Just a note John, the post editor here on ORR.net will allow you to post images directly imbedded into your posts. You don't have to link to photobucket unless you just want to.


09-01-2011, 11:04 PM
I made a modification to the mount to make look like a one piece unit, instead of 2 mirror mounts stacked...

John W6ZKH

Andy N1ORK
09-02-2011, 06:17 AM
Nice mod of the original John. Looks great! Between you and Chris (ke5zrt), lots of good projects for 'Hamsticks'.