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To the original poster: Will the government run out and save us in a disaster.

One of the more interesting things I have seen is the government response to a major wide spread incident,say a hurricane or massive tornado.

Many times a Governor or even in some cases the President of the United States has done a fly over so he (or she) could view the damage.

In New York, following Hurricane Sandi.. The President put his feet on the ground, he ask the people what they wanted most..... The answer, surprising enough was Gasoline,, For without Gasoline they could not run Generators they could not get to where stores were open to buy food, or to work if open.

The next day National Guard fuel trucks started arriving and folks could get, as I recall, 10 gallons (Enough to get out of the damage zone and buy more).

So the answer depends on who is in charge of the government when the disaster hits.

Though this is a specific story.. There have been other presidents where I would not put it past them to actually walk the affected streets and ask questions and shake hands.

And there have been presidents who would NEVER do anything like that.

And I will not say which ones.
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