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Do I think I could drive up to a C Store and buy what I need.. Thankfully since I often drive my house (once I get the engine fixed) I have most everythign I need on board.

And I can drive a long way on a full tank.

I should mention this. I have participated in several SET's back when I was in Michigan... One of them the Simulated emergency was a severe snow storm.. The actuall weather conditions were .... Worse than the simulation (I have a simulated 4" of snow, and an actual 6")...

Some of them the NCS knew his job, did it well (Speaking as a professional NCS (Police dispatcher) I tried to avoid that position, with success, save for a bike-a-thon once but that's not an emergency). Some... Well some were embarrassments. But hey, it's a learning experience in any case.

I mentioned there are but 4 hams registered in this county (Technically I"m the 5th when I posted that) I'm told one died, Yesterday... I met my third ham from this county, So that means I've met 'em all.. one at U-Haul (Manager) one at the Methodist Church (I was picking up for the Rummage Room of Darien after their indoor Yard Sale) one at Cowboy church (WHich is now closed) and another who I believe lives in the country next door at my church. We could hold a "Club Meeting" at Waffle House, one booth.
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