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Default First RV based QSO

I actually really finally made a QSO while RVing.

Not a big achievement but still a first for me. I've been basically off the air for 15 or more years. I bought my self a new radio for my retirement gift to me, and finally got the whole shack working.

Contact was AO150I (Alpha Oscar one five zero India). WHO???

A quick google search shows its the 150th anniversary commemorative station for ITU region 1.

Its somewhere in Europe, Spain most likely, since the QSL info is via a Spanish call.

Details if interested - 20 mtr SSB using a ICOM 7200, Alpha all-band vertical antenna, lots of 50 year old RG-58 coax with multiple in-line connectors.

I compare HF operating to being similar to fishing, takes a while to get everything set up, may sit for hours with no results or may catch a "big one".

Plus, ham radio operators usually don't smell as bad as fish when cleaned.
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