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Originally Posted by wa8yxm View Post
For the last 12 years I have used an assortment of long wire type antennas.

The Transceiver is a Kenwood TS-2000. and on the back of the house fed with RG-8x is a Kenwood KAT-1 Auto Tuner (Marine grade version of the KAT-3)

I have a 1/2 inch copper pipe that runs the length of the RV. about 3" off the roof (Goat rail style) Not too happy with it.

I have a "Long wire" Currently 80' I can in some parks, toss over trees. Best antenna

I have a 50' Wire. it runs up a fishing pole at the back of the hosue then to a flag pole on the front. Current antenna Works fairly well and no problems with park rules so far

I have one of the new ALPHA dummy loads.. Am not happy. Feed it with 50' of LMR-400 (Very good coax) and still does not measure up to the 50' wire. close to the goat rail in effectivness.
We tried a long wire on top of a train car thinking the roof might make a ground plane ended up with an Out Back stuck to the rear of the car worked much better.
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