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Originally Posted by Paul Stewart View Post
... and then they mumble their words too ... they are low volume and they mumble ... I know my hearing ain't what it once was but I can hear well articulated speech ...
Forgive me, Paul, but it's a bad rap.

I too have lost much (nearly all!) of my hearing with advanced years. But by modifying the frequency response of my receivers, by using headphones, by wearing hearing aids, and/or by turning the darned thing up loud enough to break car windows, I can usually hear the other guy when I want to. If I can't, it's not his fault for assuming I'll hear speech the same way, and as easily, as do people with normal ears. It's right and natural for him to assume I can hear -- most people he talks to hear much better than I ever will again, and the fix is not for him to shout. If he has to shout, where's his fun in talking to me?

Besides, if it's a round-table QSO and he shouts for me, he'll make himself unpopular with everyone else.

No fair.
-- Carl
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